Visit our Men's collection for hundreds of unique deadstock vintage sunglasses and retro styles in all shapes and sizes--we have literally a bazillion styles to complete your look--you can grab a pair for every occasion...Horn-rimmed and browline styles for a classic rockabilly cool, giant 90’s neon wrap surf sunglasses for the sassy jogger in your life or maybe some clear lenses to help you appear smarter at school or the office ;)

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August 09, 2016

We offer a wide selection of genuine vintage deadstock sunglasses and limited run reproductions of the most iconic styles from the last 100 years. We’re constantly adding new frames to our collection, including limited edition optical frames, ultra-modern shapes, and plenty of inspiration pieces! Our inventory is a labor of love..a testament to lives spent loving architecture and design as well as a voracious need for all things Pop Culture. To us this is not work. We are happy to be here @GiantVintage to answer any questions and help put the sunglasses where they belong (on your face...duh!)

Our goal is to give you a place to land when you are looking for authentic vintage sunglasses and accurate knock-offs of all your past faves! If you need round eyewear to get that 60s look a-poppin’ or some round sunglasses to finish that 80s Buffalo Gal outfit..we aim to have it all! We try and keep our prices low enough that you can get a pair to match every outfit in your closet! Browse our SALE page and you'll see what we can have fashionable vintage sunglasses for as little as eight bucks a pair!
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