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Serving Looks During the Music Festival Season 101: Coachella Fashion Essentials

Gwen Stefani from No Doubt

If you’re an avid festival goer, you can probably hear faint echoes of your favorite tunes as soon as the weather gets warmer. In no time, you’ll be screaming the lyrics from the top of your lungs, dancing under the open sky, and reveling in the infectious energy of everyone around you.

But let’s rewind for a moment and ask a crucial question – what are you wearing?

After all, fire outfits have become a must-have for every music festival, just as much as a fire lineup.

Of course, one festival reigns supreme in both aspects – Coachella. The outfits worn in Coachella Valley in Indio, California, set the tone—or the vibe, if you will—for every subsequent festival. Nail your Coachella outfit, and the rest of the season will follow suit.

To help you serve fabulous looks this music festival season, we’ve compiled a list of Coachella fashion essentials, from fun tops to festival-ready sunglasses

How to Build a Fire Coachella Outfit

Before diving into Coachella outfit essentials, it’s important to remember one thing – trends come and go, but your personal style is forever. That’s why our fashion guide doesn’t include complete Coachella outfits. Instead, it gives you some must-have pieces and all the freedom to pair them as you see fit.

After all, you never know what the next festival season might bring.

Coachella 2015 was synonymous with boho-mania. You could barely take a few steps in the desert without seeing a flower crown, oversized sunglasses, or a flowy dress. Coachella 2016 was all about monochromatic outfits, with all-white and all-black ensembles taking center stage. In 2022, glitter, neon, space buns, and lots of skin filled the valley. Coachella 2023, however, flipped the script, with many festival goers opting for more casual, low-key outfits.

In other words, don’t overly rely on previous years to build your look for this year’s event in April. Grab a few signature Coachella pieces, trust yourself (and your style), and you can’t go wrong!

A Tie-Front Top

Tie-front tops are cute, breezy, and highly versatile, checking all the boxes for the perfect Coachella staple. When styling these tops, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Do you feel your outfit is too casual or boxy? No problem! Just throw a tie-front top into the mix, and you’ll give it just the right amount of feminine edge. Are you looking for that “all eyes on me” moment in the valley (and on Instagram)? If so, a sultry metallic chain tie-front top is the way to go.

Even performers can’t resist this enticing garment. During her set at Coachella 2023, Rosalía wore a custom Acne Studios look with a flowy and romantic tie-front top stealing the spotlight. Interestingly, the singer paired this Acne Studios ensemble with over-the-top futuristic shield sunglasses à la Giant Vintage’s FROZE model, giving it a whole new dimension.

Long haired woman posing on a couch while wearing the Futuristic Froze sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: FROZE

A Corset

For those seeking Coachella outfits that are a little less flowy and a lot more "va va voom!" a corset is a clear choice. You can go all out with a leather corset and jacket and smoky sunglasses pairing for a “Femme Fatale takes Coachella” look à la Monet McMichael at Coachella 2023. Or, you might prefer a softer (but still hot!) look, like the pink crystal embroidered number Jennie from BLACKPINK rocked during the group’s Coachella 2023 set.

Stylish girl posing with red toned highlights wearing the REDS Smoke 70s Retro Sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in the photo: REDS

Statement Shorts

Sure, you can always go for a mini skirt for Coachella. Pick a denim model to stay on brand, or go with one covered in sequins for a more daring look.

However, you can also take the less-expected route and rock some statement shorts.

If you take this route, forget about denim. Leather, vinyl, or colorful fringe is what you should be looking for. After all, they’re called statement shorts for a reason!

Since these shorts will undoubtedly be the star of the show, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple. A bikini, crop, or monochromatic tank top should do the trick.


OK, we’re well aware “fringe” isn’t a specific outfit essential. But how can you choose just one garment adorned by this iconic Coachella staple? Spoiler alert – you can’t!

But what you can do is incorporate this material in virtually any outfit. An oversized fringe jacket will give you the perfect ‘70s “flower power” vibe or a fabulous cowgirl moment. Make it an eye-catching color like red, and your outfit will pop like no other. If you don’t want to go all out, a fringe bag can add that touch of boho flair without overwhelming your look.

Short haired girl rocking the Fillmore aviator style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in the photo: FILLMORE

A Mini-Dress

Let’s be honest – a good mini-dress is a staple in almost any closet. But if you choose wisely, it can also be the star of your Coachella fit. The perfect Coachella mini-dress shouldn’t be weighed down by unnecessary embellishments. Instead, it should speak for itself. A fun print, a bold pattern, or even just a flattering shape is all this dress needs to steal all the attention.

Of course, don’t forget about comfort if you plan to dance the night away in the desert. Choose a dress that lets you move freely, match it with a cool pair of sneakers, and nothing will stand in your way.

A Sheer Statement Dress

We have another tie-front top-corset situation on our hands. The former option is typically reserved for those looking for a more toned-down fashion choice. The latter? It brings all the drama!

The same goes for a somewhat plain mini opposite a sheer statement dress.

The second option will turn all the heads your way. This show-stopping garment strikes the perfect balance between cool and sultry and gives you lots of options for styling, from your hair to your accessories. Still, don’t go overboard, as the dress alone already speaks volumes.

A Pair of Jeans

Now, we know what you might be thinking. Jeans? In a desert? No way! But hear us out.

Denim is a staple of Coachella fashion. Jeans, in particular, had made quite a comeback at Coachella 2023 among celebrities, influencers, and other festival goers, as they opted for a more relaxed weekend.

For instance, Hailey Bieber paired them with a cropped white tank, a black statement belt, and a pair of square sunglasses, and she stole the show!

If you want to dress up a bit more, you can always go for a more elaborate top or choose an embellished pair of jeans.

Hailey Bieber wearing a hoodie wearing her sleek Fiddle sunglasses from Giant Vintage while holding a coffee

Style worn in the photo: FIDDLE

Combat Boots

Throughout the years, the OG Queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, slayed various Coachella fits. But many of them had one thing in common – combat boots.

These boots are the perfect choice for Coachella. Why? Number 1 – you can stomp around the Coachella grounds without worrying about comfort. And number 2 – they will give an edge to any outfit. The same goes for a pair of Dr. Martens (provided you've broken them in!).

But what if you find these choices too “aggressive”? In that case, you can always go for a pair of cowboy boots.


Sure, casual fashion returned to Coachella in 2023. But this didn't apply to the accessories. They've remained as daring as ever! The only thing that has changed is which accessories take center stage.

As mentioned, the boho craze around 2015 saw stars like Kendall Jenner and Paris Hilton decked out in bohemian accessories, including flower crowns and oversized round glasses.

Currently, statement hats, ranging from wide-brimmed styles to full-on cowboy hats, are often seen in photos from Coachella. Becky G even wore two different cowboy hats (pink and blue) during her set at Coachella 2023.

Of course, you can always look up to another performer that year—Charli XCX—and wear sultry gloves with your fit.

Or, you can rock arguably the most worn (and coveted) accessory – a pair of sunglasses.


Doechii rapper posing with duck lips wearing a bunny costume and sporting her Safari glasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: SAFARI

With how often a striking pair of sunglasses makes an appearance on a Coachella fit, these accessories deserve their own section.

One Google search, and you'll immediately see that festival sunglasses are an absolute must-have for everyone, including the performers.

For instance, while enjoying the music at Coachella 2023, Tinashe wore a more toned-down pair of sunglasses with her all-black ensemble (similar to SPITE by Giant Vintage). But when she hit the stage and changed into a hot pink mini dress, a pair of daring Y2K sunglasses with pink frames emerged (similar to HIGH PROFILE by Giant Vintage).

By now, one thing's clear – these accessories can make or break your Coachella fit. Check out some Giant Vintage models from the brand’s Festival Collection to get you on the right track.


There isn’t a single part of the YSABEL rimless shield sunglasses that doesn’t command all the attention. Both the tinted lenses and the embellished temples will look fabulous with your Coachella fit.


The FRESCA model is ideal for those who prefer a more toned-down look but still want to make a statement with their eyewear. Thanks to clear lenses, these square glasses can match virtually any fit.


Do you want your Coachella fit to scream “Matrix” (but edgier)? If so, the TOFU model is the way to go. These narrow black sunglasses will make you look unbelievably cool as you move through the Coachella crowds.


Put KICKOFF on and kickstart the fun! These sleek ’90s-inspired sunglasses can go with anything, from a fun all-denim look to a dressy ensemble.


The SAFARI glasses feature clear lenses, making them a more versatile choice. However, this model brings the heat through its temples, which feature a striking stripped design. Doechii wore these fun glasses at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball with a custom bunny fit, showing just how versatile they are.


With the MELD shield sunglasses, you’ll have all eyes on you at all times. These oversized sunglasses (available in blue and pink) can easily be the statement piece of your entire ensemble.


ZIPPER is among Giant Vintage’s most popular sunglass models, and for good reason. This futuristic model features wraparound lenses and bold frames, making it ideal for those living by the “go big or go home” mantra. Best of all? These sunglasses have been worn (and loved!) by the likes of Paris Hilton and Blue Ivy Carter. Talk about iconic!


Bring the fun to your Coachella fit with the GNARLY rimless sunglasses. Whether you put on the pink, blue, or aqua option, you’ll instantly feel the carefree spirit of Coachella.


No other sunglasses can quite compare to the HELLCAT model. With the enticing feline quality about them, these unique shield sunglasses will make you look fierce yet sexy.


If you still long for the “flower power” days of Coachella, the KAI model will blow you away. Rock these oversized square sunglasses and live out your boho dreams.

The Best Coachella Outfits Deserve the Best Sunglasses

Let’s face it – Coachella is as much of a runway as it is a music festival. This means you must bring your A-game every day. In the sunglasses department, you can do so by picking models from the Giant Vintage’s Festival Collection. Afterward, all that's left is to have the best night(s) of your life!