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The Comeback of Vintage Sunglasses - Making Sustainable Fashion Shopping Stylish Again

The Comeback of Vintage Sunglasses - Making Sustainable Fashion Shopping Stylish Again

The fashion industry has long been associated with fast-paced consumerism that wreaks havoc on the environment. That’s why more and more consumers have been striving to make more sustainable choices when they shop.

Unfortunately, sustainable fashion has also earned somewhat of a bad rep, with many people viewing it as dull or lacking in style. However, the resurgence of genuine vintage sunglasses is challenging this perception, as these accessories seem to offer the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and a lesser environmental impact.

See why vintage eyewear is undoubtedly the way to go and what other moves you can make to shop more sustainably without sacrificing your personal style.

Why Genuine Vintage Sunglasses Are All the Rage

Most guides on sustainable fashion choices recommend shopping secondhand or vintage as one of the best ways to minimize environmental impact. Embracing pre-loved items not only reduces waste but also adds a unique flair to your wardrobe while giving the bought items a new life.

However, genuine vintage sunglasses from Giant Vintage differ from these “traditional” vintage garments and accessories. You see, these vintage sunglasses have never been worn before. They’ve been unearthed in their original packaging and sold as new old stock.

But that’s not the only reason why genuine vintage sunglasses are all the rage.

Trends Keep Coming Back

Many people avoid vintage frames (and clothes) out of fear they’ll look outdated or unfashionable. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. As the cyclical nature of fashion has proven time and time again – what’s old will often become new again.

In fact, most of the glasses styles people used to wear decades ago have already made a comeback. Just think of the flashy Y2K glasses taking over social media or sleek '90s shades photographed on one model after the other, and you’ll understand that going vintage is often the more fashionable choice. 

Trendy Blonde haired girl wearing ZING sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Celebs Are Among the Customers

Speaking of models wearing vintage sunglasses, it’s quite clear that this “trend” has been embraced by celebrities all over the world. This might have to do with nostalgia, inspiration from old photographs and classic films, or simply a desire to stand out in the crowd of contemporary styles.

Whatever the case, there’s no doubt about it – celeb endorsement has significantly fueled the comeback of vintage glasses, making them the fashion-forward choice.

Smiling Hailey Bieber in PROTECTION sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Dress Them Up or Down

The beauty of vintage sunglasses lies in their versatility. Whether your closet is filled with minimalist designs and clean lines or over-the-top prints and bold patterns, there’s vintage sunglasses design for you.

Visit the Giant Vintage online store and see it firsthand. There are virtually endless categories of vintage sunglasses classified by the decade they were manufactured in, their shape, or their collection.

You can match these gorgeous glasses to virtually any outfit by dressing them up or down, making the most out of every new pair of vintage sunglasses.

Short haired dark haired girl with red lips sporting her CAMPTOWN green rimmed sunglasses from Giant Vintage

How to Make Sustainable Choices Beyond Buying Retro Sunglasses

Sure, buying retro sunglasses is a great place to start your sustainable fashion journey. However, there are many other ways you can make better choices for yourself (and, of course, the planet).

Buy Less but Better

Don’t shop for shopping's sake. Though sales are enticing, try to only buy items when you truly need them. This also means you'll be able to buy items of higher quality. Talk about a win-win scenario!

Support Brands With a Positive Impact

Investing in brands promoting sustainable practices is crucial, as this allows them to continue their eco-friendly initiatives. However, this is also a great thing if you're worried about the aesthetic appeal of sustainable fashion. The more funds these brands have, the more beautiful items they can create. In other words, bye-bye, dull fashion!

Know Your Materials

When it comes to sustainability, opting for natural materials is a must. This means bidding farewell to synthetics like polyester. Why? Well, these fabrics aren't only bad for you. They wreak havoc on the environment as well since they are derived from fossil fuels and require years to decompose.

Giant Vintage: Your One-Stop Shop for Vintage Glasses

Now that you know that sustainable shopping can be rather stylish, there’s nothing left to do but start your collection of Giant Vintage sunglasses. Our brand is committed to quality and only offers vintage sunglasses with a story, so there's no better partner on your journey.