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Red Is Always In: Find the Perfect Red Sunglasses

Blonde haired girl posing with her CURLY RED glasses from Giant Vintage

style worn in photo: RED

When you wear red, you automatically stand out. After all, this is the color that symbolizes only the most intense and vibrant emotions, from passion to anger. That’s why many people are somewhat afraid of this shade and stay away from it in their fashion choices.

But the days of hiding behind safe color choices are over! Red is all the rage now, and it’s time for you to jump on this vibrant trend.

If you aren’t ready to wear red clothing, you can start with red sunglasses. Add a few bold styles to your closet, and watch as your confidence grows each time you wear them.

Red Glasses Through Fashion Trends

You can’t go wrong with any shades from Giant Vintage’s trending red styles. But to make the right choice, you should first get to know the current trends in glasses. Then, you can choose the best styles for your fashion self-expression.

Long haired girl posing for a photo wearing her KIRA KIRA sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: KIRA KIRA

Sporty Sunglasses:  Embrace Your Inner Sports Star

Sporty sunglasses are nothing new. Athletes have long been wearing them when running, cycling, or working out outside.

But these sunglasses are no longer only reserved for athletes. Now, you can find plenty of aesthetically pleasing styles at brands like Balenciaga or Nike.

If, however, you want to rock vintage sporty shades, Giant Vintage is the way to go. Styles like CONTROLLA (featuring red frames) will make you feel ready to conquer the world year-round.

Oversized Sunglasses: The Bigger, the Better

Oversized sunglasses have completely taken over the fashion world. Brands like Saint Laurent, Tory Burch, Bottega Veneta, and Free People have all launched their iterations of these trendsetting accessories.

If you, too, prefer to wear glasses that make a statement, grab the 110 pair and give all of your outfits a little edge.

Skinny Retro Sunglasses: A Staple in Gen Z Fashion

Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is behind most of the current trends spreading through social media. But let’s be honest – few people can’t keep up with all the aesthetics popping up left and right (What exactly is coastal grandmother?!).

But there’s one trend that’s seemingly going nowhere – skinny retro sunglasses. Styles like BRATZ and BUBEZ with tinted lenses perfectly embody this youthful aesthetic, making them and Gen Z fashion a match made in heaven.

Rectangular Sunglasses: The Perfect Choice for Street Style

Do you want to work on your street style? If so, sleek, rectangular frames are the way to go. After all, they are all models like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner wear for their coveted model-off-duty look.

By choosing styles with reddish frames or lenses like TUBEZ, you’ll add a bolder yet stylish twist to this popular aesthetic.

Bayonetta Glasses: Small but Mighty

If you want to incorporate more reds into your outfit but don’t know where to start, we’ve got an answer for you – Bayonetta glasses.

This minimalist style has taken the internet by storm and shows no signs of stopping in 2024.

As Annabelle Gonzalez, the CEO of Giant Vintage, puts it, “In 2024, we are focusing on being sexier, more confident, and looking sleeker. No eyewear choice embodies those words better than the Bayonetta style.”

Wear styles like JEANE, HI MY NAME IS, and BLOKE, and even oversized sweatshirts, leggings, and sneakers will look sexy!

Trendy girl posing with duck lips and BAYONETTA style glasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: BAYONETTA

Cat-Eye Sunglasses: The Fashion Trend That Never Ends

The cat-eye style has been around for decades, yet designers always find new ways to reinterpret it.

Take the BUJU style with red frames as an example. These fabulous glasses give you the slight curve of the cat-eye styles while keeping the sleek ‘90s form.

In contrast, the PLEAZER style brings all the drama. With the cat-eye edges and the mirror-like lenses, you'll rock a unique futuristic look.

Talk about cat-eye reinvented!

Trendy girl posing in PLEAZER Cat-Eye Sports style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: PLEAZER

Y2K Sunglasses: A Glimpse in the Past

Sooner or later, popular fashion trends are bound to make a comeback. Thanks to Gen Z fashion (and some good old nostalgia), that time has come for the one and only – Y2K aesthetic.

When people hear the word “Y2K,” their minds automatically go to low-rise denim, mini-skirts, butterfly clips, and over-the-top accessories. But the truth is that Y2K fashion can be subtle, too. Just take the LINEAR and ALLSORTS sunglasses as an example. There's nothing over-the-top about them yet they scream Y2K. Perhaps that's why Tyla, the incredibly talented music sensation born in the 2000s likes about the LINEAR style!

Dark haired girl in a store wearing her LINEAR 90's style glasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: LINEAR

Slay the Red Fashion Trends With Giant Vintage

If there's one thing you can learn from these Giant Vintage styles, it's that red doesn't have to be this strong and scary color. It doesn't matter how confident you feel rocking it, there's a perfect pair of red (or at least reddish) glasses for you.

You can always start small (with styles like JOE'S) and work your way up to something bolder (like THE BOX).

And even if you still aren't ready for the red lifestyle, it's perfectly fine! Visit our shop and discover all our other amazing styles (and colors) to wear until red eyewear starts calling your name.