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Coquette Style Is All the Rage Once Again! Here’s How to Nail It

Hailey Bieber wearing a bun in a sporty jacket wearing her Hoff style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Keeping up with all the new and recurring fashion trends is nothing short of a Sisyphean task. However, a worthy trend steals the spotlight every few years, beckoning you to hop on. This time, it’s all about the coquette aesthetic.

The current reiteration of this ultra-popular fashion trend is all about embracing a playful, romantic, and flirtatious attitude through your clothes and accessories. The coquette aesthetic makes it OK to be soft and hyper-feminine, qualities often dismissed as weaknesses.

So, don’t be afraid to unleash your inner coquette and follow us into this whimsical world that defies stereotypes.

Hailey Bieber playfully kicking her leg out wearing a pink sundress and her Buju cat-eye style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: BUJU

Drawing Inspiration From the Coquette Aesthetic: There Are No Limits

Various styles, from hip-hop fashion to Y2K, can be broken down into specific staple pieces.

Though some recurring elements can be seen in the coquette aesthetic, this style is more about embracing a whimsical, romantic, and flirtatious spirit rather than adhering to rigid staple pieces.

In other words, virtually anything can be transformed into a coquette-inspired masterpiece.

There’s even a viral trend of adding cute, pink bows to random objects (e.g., McDonald’s food) to make them “coquette.” Though this trend is more for fun, it isn’t totally off-base.

Let’s take the ‘90s fashion trends as an example.

Now, you might wonder how an aesthetic linked to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” on one side and Kurt Cobain on the other could possibly be soft and romantic.

Well, believe it or not, you can find coquette iterations of virtually every staple from the heyday of grunge and hip-hop. Bucket hats, bike shorts, flannel shirts, crop tops, cargo pants, and even combat boots, you name it, and it can be imbued with a touch of coquette.

Now, you might not run into a mosh pit with your ribbon-adorned Doc Martens, but you can certainly pair them with other softer coquette elements.

The Ultimate Guide to the Coquette Aesthetic

By now, you should be in the right mindset to fully embrace the coquette aesthetic. Now, let’s see how you can best do this.

Slip on a Slip Dress

The coquette aesthetic is all about dreamy silhouettes, dainty dresses, and soft materials. So, what better way to embody it than to put on a sexy (and comfortable!) slip dress?

Rock a Vintage Corset

A pink corset with a lace-up front can add a feminine touch to virtually any outfit. As a bonus, your waist will look snatched! You can also consider layering this beautiful garment on top of a white shirt or a button-up.

Go Lacy

Lace is undoubtedly one of the staples of the coquette aesthetic.

There’s more than one fun way to incorporate this delicate material into your outfit. You can go all out and wear a lacy babydoll dress. Or, you can take the more minimalist route and add lace through accessories. For instance – a lacy choker!

Add Ribbons (Everywhere!)

Ribbons are the perfectly girly touch that can be added virtually anywhere, from your hair to your outfit.

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Margot Robbie have proven that even a simple hair bow can instantly make your outfit more playful and charming.

Paint Your World Pastel

Despite a popular misconception, the coquette aesthetic doesn’t have to be all-pink.

You can wear virtually any color, including blue and green; just make it pastel! These light colors, often described as “baby” (e.g., baby pink), make you think of florals and spring when everything is soft and blooming.

Keep Your Jewelry Delicate

The coquette aesthetic is all about dainty, “barely there” jewelry. The same goes for all the other accessories.

Embrace Bayonetta Glasses

Dark haired girl wearing her sophisticated Bayonetta glasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: JEANE BAYONETTA

After the fashion icon Gisele Bündchen wore a pair of Bayonetta glasses in the cult film “The Devil Wears Prada,” they exploded in popularity.

Now, these sleek glasses are worn by virtually everyone, from TikTok girlies to stars like Megan Fox and Bella Hadid.

The minimalist style of the Bayonetta glasses (and their frames) is perfect for the coquette aesthetic. At Giant Vintage, you can find a wide array of this dainty eyewear style, from more casual yet stylish models to those that will turn all the heads.

If you plan on wearing coquette-like sunglasses, too, consider smaller frames with light-colored lenses, such as the HOFF, KICKOFF, and GOALIE models.