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No Doubt Is Playing Coachella! Find the Perfect Festival Outfit Inspired by Gwen Stefani Style

Gwen Stefani from No doubt with blue hair and fun makeup

When the announcement for Coachella 2024 dropped, everyone’s eyes went straight to two words written at the bottom of the poster – No Doubt. A frenzy soon ensued, culminating in a confirmation – yes, No Doubt is reuniting for a Coachella performance. How exciting!

But after celebrating, you should immediately get to the next order of business – finding the perfect Coachella fit for this highly anticipated performance. And what better way to pay homage to this iconic band than to take a page from Gwen Stefani’s style book when dressing up for Coachella?

Luckily, the singer’s eye-catching ‘90s style won’t look out of place at this California music festival. In fact, it can help you steal the show!

Here’s how to look like Gwen Stefani at Coachella, from her iconic hair and funky sunglasses to bold and edgy fashion choices.

How to Dress Like Gwen Stefani in the ‘90s

If you look up Gwen Stefani today, you’ll see her in lots of gorgeous dresses, stylish suits in bold prints, and some killer street fashion ensembles. After all, it’s only natural for her style to evolve over time, like most other celebrities and women in general.

However, it’s Gwen Stefani’s ‘90s fashion that we’ll focus on today.

There, the situation is very different.

In the ‘90s, the influential punk-rock singer would wear much more fun, edgy, and daring garments (and accessories). Check out what your Gwen Stefani-inspired Coachella fit must feature.

A Crop Top

In the ‘90s, Gwen Stefani became almost synonymous with crop tops. There’s probably no occasion where she didn’t rock one of these midriff-baring tops with absolute confidence. If you’d like to show off more skin, swap the crop top with another signature piece – a barely there bikini top.

Baggy Pants

Since Gwen’s top was typically quite revealing, she kept the balance by pairing it with something a bit more relaxed and baggy at the bottom. Her go-to choices were low-slung boyfriend jeans and cargo pants.

Space Buns

You can’t do a Gwen Stefani-inspired look without rocking space buns. If you feel adventurous, dye your hair in a bold color like Gwen often would. Just imagine how fabulous hot-pink hair will look in the desert sun! Of course, don’t forget to pair your new hair with some colorful makeup and make your face as happy as your hair.

Chunky Accessories

One thing rings true for every Gwen’s Y2K fit – she never failed to make a statement. More often than not, she would make this statement through fun and somewhat random accessories. She even went as far as to wear colorful braces as a fashion statement!

This move today would probably have everyone at a loss for words, so it might be best to stick her other signature accessories, such as arm warmers, layered belt chains, and statement sunglasses.

Find the Perfect Festival Sunglasses for Coachella

With Coachella outfit details out of the way, you can focus on finding the perfect sunglasses in line with Gwen Stefani’s style.

Now, we have good news and bad news regarding this search. The good news is that you can find the perfect Coachella sunglasses in one place – Giant Vintage. The brand has curated and featured a 2024 Festival Collection that has all the sunglasses you need to absolutely kill it at Coachella this year. The bad news? You’ll have a hard time choosing just one model!

Though you’re welcome to explore (and shop) the entire website, we’ve singled out some models that will do wonders for your Coachella look when paired with other Gwen Stefani signature pieces.


Gwen Stefani with red lipstick smiling looking up with her IMAGINE Mod Geometric Sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: IMAGINE


Gwen Stefani standing next to male with microphone sporting her Elodie cat-eyed sunglasses in the color red from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: ELODIE


PARTY ROCK Sunglasses


Gwen Stefani with an edgy hairstyle posing with her gold Dinero style sunglasses from Giant vintage

Style worn in photo: DINERO


Gwen Stefani wearing a black leather jacket and her oversized Highland park sunnies from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: HIGHLAND PARK