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2024 Trending Styles: See Which Fashion Trends to Keep on Your Radar for 2024

Short haired girl taking a picture on her phone wearing oversized retro SIAMESE style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: SIAMESE

Keeping up with trends is endlessly fun. On the one hand, it gives you a unique chance to change up your style and perhaps try a new aesthetic. On the other hand, it helps you stay fashion-forward and connected to the evolving tastes of the time.

To prep you for the 2024 fashion season, we hit up our badass CEO and lead stylist, Annabelle Gonzalez, to share her style predictions for the new year.

If you’d like to hear more from Annabelle after this guide (and we’re sure you will!), you can follow her on her Instagram. Also, you can catch up with her (and her stylish friends) live on Giant Vintage’s Instagram every Friday at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time during a cool “Try On” session that allows you to see trending Giant Vintage models in action.

Without further ado, we’ll let Annabelle take it over from here.

What 2024 Has in Store for Us: From Trending Colors to Vintage Sunglasses

Hi guys!

Let me introduce myself real quick before diving into the exciting trends we’ll be wearing all spring, summer, and winter of 2024.

My name is Annabelle, and I’ve been at the helm of Giant Vintage for four years. I’ve always loved fashion and had absolutely no doubt in my mind I’d end up in the industry. And hey, here I am, carefully curating each Giant Vintage sunglasses collection to blow away our loyal customers every single time.

Though we can talk all things fashion, vintage sunglasses are my babies, so my guide will contain quite a few predictions related to shades. I’ll also introduce you to some of our trendiest styles celebs have absolutely been obsessing over so you can join them in this justified craze.

Let’s go!

Cheetah Print: Animal Print Is So Back!

Blonde long haired girl wearing a cheetah top with Lucky Charm sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: LUCKY CHARM

Let’s be honest – it doesn’t get any sexier than animal print! That’s why this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, prints like tiger, leopard, jaguar, and even snake all had their moments. And in 2024 is all about the cheetah print, baby!

This print is seen as a little more sophisticated than its fellow big cat patterns. But don’t worry – it still has all the fierceness and sexiness of its counterparts!

Now, I get it; this print can be a daunting addition to your wardrobe, especially if you’re used to a more minimalist aesthetic. But you don’t have to rock cheetah print from your hair to your shoes. Start with accessories and let your newly acquired confidence take it from there.

Can you guess which starter accessories I will suggest? Ding, ding, ding! It’s cheetah print sunglasses.

As luck would have it (wink, wink), Giant Vintage is launching a new vintage sunglasses collection that will allow you to dip your toes into this fierce trend. Now introducing – the Cheetah Collection!

Composed of four models with cheetah print frames—SIAMESE, RAGDOLL, SPHYNX, and BURMESE— this collection is to die for! Check it out now, as it goes on sale on February 23 and will probably be gone in no time!

Shield Sunglasses: A Fashion Statement Like No Other

Brown haired girl posing in the car with her Futuristic Neptune style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: NEPTUNE

There’s no doubt about it – 2023 was the year of accessories. However, 2024 is taking it up a notch.

In 2024, accessories won’t be just finishing touches. Instead, they’ll be the statement pieces that define your entire look. And we can’t talk about statement pieces without mentioning shield sunglasses.

As things stand, shield sunglasses will only get bigger and bolder in 2024. And I, for one, am ecstatic! After all, what’s not to like? You’re protecting your eyes and face while looking fierce and blocking out all the haters. That’s a win-win scenario in my book!

Now, I could go on and on about shield glasses, but let me only put you on a few of my faves.

The recently launched OMIKA model has my whole heart. Spoiler alert – that’s me rocking the Tortoise variant in our online store!

These retro sunglasses feature a daring oversized frame with a cat-eye moment, absolutely exploding the sexiness scale.

If these wraparound glasses aren’t big enough for you, feast your eyes on the FROZE model. Now, this is what I call full coverage! “Oversized” and “bold” don’t even begin to cover the sheer magnitude of these futuristic shields. We’ll need a whole new adjective to describe them!

Bayonetta Glasses: There’s No Stopping Them

Brown haired girl wearing Bayonetta sleek style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: JEANE BAYONETTA

I’ve already talked about the incredible popularity of Bayonetta-style glasses in several publications, including PureWow and The Zoe Report. But I have no issues talking about them however many more times; that’s how strongly I feel about this style!

Now, you can get all the deets about Bayonetta glasses in our in-depth blog post. I’ll only share why I think these glasses will continue to reign supreme in 2024 and give you some recs from Giant Vintage’s collections.

So, what is it about these glasses?

Honestly, a better question would be, what isn’t about these glasses? Just hear me out.

These glasses were named after arguably the most badass female character in gaming. Bayonetta is everything, and then some more – confident, powerful, sassy. This is also how you’ll feel when wearing these glasses. And let’s not forget about the nostalgia moment. There’s nothing better than when a beloved trend comes back.

So, jump on this “sexy secretary” trend and browse our Bayonetta-style glasses collection. If I had to pick my faves in our shop, they would be JEANE, PERSISTENCE, and BET ON IT. You can bet on me always wearing a pair of these beauties!

The Color Red: Don't Stop at Town; Paint Your Whole World Red!

It’s time to talk about another trend that has absolutely ruled 2023 and isn’t going anywhere in 2024 – the color of love, passion, and desire.

As with the cheetah print, I know it’s easier to avoid a color as striking as red out of fear of standing out too much. But let me tell you, in 2024, standing out is the goal. No more hiding behind earth tones, blacks, and grays!

Fashion designers have picked up on this vibe, so you’ll see lots of red in their new collections. They have been obsessed with one theme in particular – red roses. From Balmain to Alexander McQueen, all brands are seemingly feeling a little rosy in 2024. Again, I’m fully on board!

And again – I’ve got just the collection to gradually introduce you to this iconic trend – Giant Vintage’s [Red] Collection.

The shier wearers will love this collection, as none of the models are too overpowering. After all, a sleek red frame is all you need to make a statement.

The ‘90s Redux: Relive the Retro Revolution

Hailey Bieber wearing a hoodie holding her coffee while posing in her Fiddle style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: FIDDLE

Among the trends that keep coming back, one is poised to take over 2024 – the cool-headed ‘90s minimalism. I’m talking boyfriend jeans, white tees, and, of course, ‘90s sunglasses.

In this department, you can take out a few pages from Hailey Bieber’s style book. She always finds a way to slay her street style and combine different elements in surprising ways that hit every time.

For instance, Hailey recently rocked a pair of our vintage glasses – the HOFF model. She paired them with another ‘90s staple, a bomber jacket, and a little twist – gold hoops. And somehow, everything comes together beautifully!

By the way, the HOFF model is just one of our trending ‘90s styles.

Other fan favorites (me included!) are the BUJU, PENALTY, JOE’S, SILAS, and KICKOFF.

To say that the Biebers are fans of these styles is a huge understatement.

Besides HOFF, Hailey has been seen rocking NORBERT and PROTECTION, while Justin’s shades of choice are SPITE.

This entire collection is generally unisex, so you can slay the ‘90s aesthetic and match with your bf, gf, or bff of another gender.

Metallics: Shimmer in Every Hue

Let’s be honest again. Metallics, sequins, and lame will never not be trendy. They’re too fun and fabulous to fade away.

Still, 2024 will see increased traction for these sparkly treatments as liquid gold gowns, chainmail mini dresses, and sequined skirts fill the runways.

This is another trend that requires you to step a little out of your comfort zone and, as RiRi put it, shine bright like a diamond!

But how can Giant Vintage help you in this shimmering journey?

You have two options.

One, grab some metallic goodness from our Luxe Collection. You’ll be following in the footsteps of the likes of Reneé Rapp, who absolutely slayed her Vanity Fair photo shoot wearing Giant Vintage’s FILLMORE model.

Or two, bust out some jewels and bedazzle your favorite pair of our vintage sunglasses, just like Paris Hilton did with her ZIPPER glasses.

Both options will have you looking like a fashion-forward mirror ball (in the best way possible!).

 Fur: Luxe Layering Is Back

The last 2024 trend I’ll mention for now is another comeback – fur.

This trend is for those who aren’t afraid to stand out and openly embrace extravagance. With this description, celebs like Cardi B come to mind. And Cardi was precisely the person to usher in the new age of fur after rocking an over-the-top blue fur coat during the Balenciaga Fall ’24 fashion show. Talk about iconic!

Again, you don’t have to go all out immediately. But if you do, don’t forget to pair your go-to fur coat with equally extravagant vintage sunglasses. You already know where to find them!

Retro Sunglasses Queen Is Out!

Those are all the trends I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed the article and found lots of retro sunglasses for your wardrobe. I know you'll absolutely slay 2024 fashion and would love it if Giant Vintage was part of that fabulous journey.

If you have any questions about our glasses, you can find me live every Friday at 2:30 p.m. Pacific time at Giant Vintage’s Instagram.

Until then,

xoxo Annabelle