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Retro Eyewear: Why Going Retro Is the Move

vintage eyeglasses

For most people, sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory. They can instantly elevate any outfit and make you feel infinitely more confident. So, it’s no wonder new sunglasses trends emerge every single season.

Of course, if you’re a fashion lover, you’ll probably try to keep up. But be honest – how often have you felt embarrassed by the sunglasses you wore only last year? Unfortunately, that’s how it often goes – what was all the rage just a little while ago is now nothing but a cringey relic that now collects dust in your drawer.

But there’s one way to ensure this doesn’t happen – stick to the classics. Or, in other words, go retro. Since they take their cues from tried and tested vintage designs, retro sunglasses and eyeglasses will never go out of style, sparing you the regret of chasing fleeting styles.

With this in mind, let’s see what retro glasses bring to the table and how to do a modern twist on such a vintage look.

What’s the Appeal of Retro Glasses

You probably get bombarded with new glasses and designs every year. So, why embrace retro styles in this sea of choices?

Retro and Vintage-Style Glasses Are Here to Stay

Let’s get one thing straight right away – when talking about retro glasses, we aren’t referring to every single style that has ever come and gone. We’re solely focusing on iconic designs from the past that have stood the test of time. And if there was ever a word to describe these designs, it’s “timeless.” In other words, retro glasses aren’t going anywhere!

And it isn’t just because they look cool. Retro and vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses also take you back to a simpler time when clothes and accessories boasted high quality and were made to last. Plus, if we’re being honest, it feels comforting to have a fashion trend you can always rely on in an ever-changing world.

A Sure Way to Stand Out From the Crowd

It’s only natural for fashion lovers to want to keep up with the current fashion trends. But do you know what happens when they go overboard? Everyone starts looking the same. There’s no personality or unique style in sight!

An excellent way to avoid this is to combine new designs made using modern materials with retro-style classic eyewear. Given how prominent glasses are as an accessory, this seemingly small change will do wonders for your overall look and set you apart in a noticeable but not overly bold way.

Follow in the Footsteps of the Fashion Greats

If you know your fashion, you know how exciting it is when a celeb or a style icon rocks a specific vintage piece. With retro eyeglass styles, you can have a similar fashion moment without breaking the bank.

Are your role models fashion luminaries like Audrey Hepburn or Buddy Holly? If so, rock a pair of wayfarer-style glasses and emulate their iconic looks effortlessly. Are the new “Top Gun” movies reigniting your love for aviator glasses? Grab a pair of these vintage-style glasses and feel like a true Maverick once again.

And hey, the fashion greats don’t necessarily have to be famous. For many people, there are no greater fashion icons than their parents or grandparents. So, if you found an old photo of them wearing (now) vintage eyewear, recreating the look with similar retro frames can be so special, both for you and your loved one.

Fashion on a Budget

Let’s not sugarcoat it – fashion has nothing to do with money. Just because you purchase an expensive bag or pair of glasses doesn’t mean they’ll look good or pair well with your outfit. Fashion is all about self-expression and confidence, not prices.

That’s what makes vintage glasses such a great choice. You can usually find incredible pairs from decades ago without breaking the bank. If, however, you encounter an overpriced vintage style you can’t afford, you can always look for retro frames modeled after those classics and problem solved! You get all the style without the hefty price tag.

No Need to Look Far and Wide

Many people write off vintage glasses from the get-go, as they deem them too hard to find. And even if they can find them, the collection is typically severely limited. Though this might’ve been true years ago, but it’s certainly not now.

Now, vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses are everywhere you go – thrift shops, consignment stores, and various boutiques. There are even online retailers like Giant Vintage, exclusively dedicated to retro and vintage-style frames.

So, purchasing these glasses is no longer a matter of finding just any pair and trying to make it work. You now have a sea of choices for both women and men in all shapes, sizes, and styles before you. In other words, there’s virtually no chance of missing out on a perfect pair of vintage-style frames that suit your taste, whether they are for prescription lenses for daily use or a fun yet stylish addition to your sunglasses collection.

Retro Eyewear: Take Your Pick

By now, you probably agree that retro and vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses are the way to go. So, naturally, the next step is to take a look at your choices. Below, you’ll find the most popular styles of vintage frames many retro eyeglass frames closely mimic.

Cat-Eye Glasses

You might perceive cat-eye glasses as too formal, outdated, or only something your grandma would wear. And to be honest, this is fair since “traditional” cat-eye frames can have a somewhat old-fashioned vibe. But don’t worry; we aren’t talking about traditional cat-eye frames. We’re talking about retro styles that take inspiration from these vintage frames but add a modern twist to the mix. One look at the Carolina glasses worn by Queen B, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

And great news – this style works for virtually every face shape!

Round Glasses

Take a look at any social media platform, and you’ll see that round glasses are back with a vengeance! These vintage eyeglass frames, famously donned by iconic figures like John Lennon, continue to appeal to those going for intellectual charm and a touch of retro elegance. If you find these too traditional for your taste, you can always go for their oval counterparts. This shape is more relaxed and effortlessly cool and can give that model-off-duty vibe to any look, á la Hailey Bieber sporting the Kipper glasses (grab Fiddle glasses to copy the look) and Protection sunglasses.

retro glasses

vintage style glasses

vintage eyeglasses

Oversized Glasses

The 1970s were all about oversized glasses. And judging by the latest looks seen on fashion runways, red carpets, and anywhere in between, so are the 2020s. Be it vintage eyewear or a modern iteration, this style is worn to make a statement.

Oversized glasses come in all shapes, from square to shield, so it’s up to you to find the perfect pair for your face shape. If you’re anything like Blue Ivy Carter, the Zipper glasses are the way to go.

retro styles

How to Incorporate Retro Glasses Into Your Outfit

When wearing retro glasses, you don’t have to go all out. Cat-eye glasses don’t necessarily call for an A-line dress, pearls, and gloves. At least, not if you aren’t going for the whole vintage look.

Due to the sheer number of retro eyewear choices you have, you have lots of room to play with your style, mixing and matching as you go. Here are a few ideas on what to do:

  • Experiment with tinted lenses. Sure, no one can deny that black sunglasses are a classic. But a pair of retro glasses with colored lenses, like these BUCK UP! beauties will add much more personality to your look.

retro eyeglass frames

retro eyeglass frames

  • Go for a monochromatic look. There’s something incredibly appealing to creating a well-balanced monochromatic look. If you’re a fan of the classics, go for an all-black look and finish it off with SPITE glasses.

vintage look

  • Accessorize with other retro elements. Pair your retro glasses with a hat or a bag of similar style and elevate your look without overdoing it. For instance, these TONER rimless sunglasses and a silver vintage-style handbag are a match made in heaven.

Giant Vintage: Your Go-to Source for Unique Retro and Vintage Glasses

If retro eyewear is what you’re looking for, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Giant Vintage. All the glasses are broken down into categories for an effortless shopping experience that always results in success. Dive into our amazing collections today, and you’ll find the perfect pair (or pairs!) of retro glasses in no time.