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A recap of the best celebrity styles 2019

A recap of the best celebrity styles 2019


We saw 2019 shape up to be one of the most dynamic years in fashion. Celebrities and stylists wrapped up the decade with some insane ‘90s styles, 2000s glam and equal parts maximalism and minimalism. So we thought it would be interesting to see what celebrities brought to the table this year. With the help of high-profile stylists, these big names in Hollywood paved their way into deep sartorial territory. This best-dressed list would not be complete without at least one member of the first family of American television on it….and Kendall Jenner served up a number of seriously diverse looks to keep the fashion lovers satisfied. Also among these celebrities were many other names that did not surprise. Stars like Zendaya, Kristen Stewart, Lil Pump, and Selena Gomez have always ranked high on the list of best-dressed celebrities. Here are our favorite celebrities who not only slayed with their fashion style but also kicked some serious butt in the realm of celebrities’ sunglasses styles!


Selena Gomez

If you're a fan of Selena Gomez (or a Selenator as they call themselves...what?!?!?), you've probably noticed that she's laid low for some time, at least in comparison to her earlier years. The Disney star-turned-pop princess has been in front of the cameras since she was a little girl, and has matured in front of everyone as the years transpired. Seriously, Selena Gomez's transformation has been stunning - we have loved every single fashion phase she sported. So it’s no shocker that this singer woos us with her sunglasses style as well. Knowing very well what works for her face and what doesn’t, Gomez looks terrific in this pair of oversized tinted sunglasses.



Zendaya started her career early on the Disney Channel, and parlayed that success into a thriving career in the entertainment industry. But, in addition to her awesome acting resume, she’s also proven her fashion prowess by always showing up as one of the best-dressed celebrities of 2019. Her accessorizing game wasn’t too shabby either. 2019 saw the actor grow into some cool styles that we absolutely adored. Case in point- these clear oversized glasses that she’s sporting here with her metallic blazer and romper.

Thanks in part to her incredible stylist Law Roach, Zendaya's stunning transformation over the years has been a definite win!


Lil Pump

Fun fact about this Miami rapper’s breakout hit Gucci Gang: it is only two minutes and four seconds long….making it the shortest song ever to enter the Billboard Hot 100’s Top Ten in over 40 years. The song mentions the word Gucci a rather impressive 49 times. In short, the man loves Gucci and so it will come as no surprise that his wardrobe is a mix of tiger-print jumpers and floral tracksuits, all worn with his trademark dreads. His sunglasses style does not disappoint either. Known for sporting some quirky yet insanely fashionable styles, the rapper-singer definitely makes the list for some of the best sunglasses in the game. Seen here wearing a pair of lightly tinted rectangular borwline sunglasses, we think he nails it!


Kristen Stewart

Most of us got to know Kristen Stewart for the first time when she played the feminine love-struck Bella Swan in the Twilight film franchise. But since then, the actress has undergone a serious fashion evolution, stepping out in a wide variety of gender-bending, often androgynous looks and becoming one of the best-dressed celebs of 2019. Sporting a two-toned edgy haircut here, her black oval red-rimmed sunglasses were definitely a crowd-pleaser.


Kendall Jenner

Last but definitely not least, Jenner makes it to our list of best celebrity styles of 2019.

A fully covered Jenner was seen at the 2019 Emmy Awards, where she wore something that appeared to be a black latex turtleneck underneath a floral gown which became the talk of tinsel town. Later in the year, the reality star was seen in New York City in a snakeskin two-piece that garnered a lot of media attention as well. With her fashion style on point, the model also has her accessories working well for her. A long-time fan of micro cat-eye sunglasses, Jenner sure knows how to make a trend last!

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