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Shield Yourself! You will Love these Hot Shield Sunglasses!

Shield Yourself! You will Love these Hot Shield Sunglasses!


Trends come and go but a good pair of sunglasses will walk you through both the most frigid winters and sun-soaked summer days. Your best friends in times of dire fashion needs, sunglasses are an excellent option to add more personality to your look. They can make you look confident, hide signs of tiredness, and generally give you an edge. But picking out the perfect (and most fashionable) style is what really matters. Gone are the days when you were restricted to only a few styles and choices; this year, make way for something much more exciting!

Beloved classic styles like wayfarers and aviators- have always been in vogue, but could also use a makeover. With how experimental and crazy fashion has become lately, we’d recommend trying some outside-the-box styles. For instance, on one hand you have larger-than-life oversized ‘90s sunglasses…. and on the other hand, some teeny-tiny micro frames which appear to be taken right out of The Matrix. And then comes the big daddy of all styles- the all-encompassing  shield sunglasses that will undoubtedly survive a holocaust (metaphorically, of course!)

If you hopped onto the sporty sunglasses trend from last summer, then you’re in luck too. Shield frames have definitely undergone a makeover and have come back bigger, better and more futuristic than ever. If you’re ready for 2020, so are these Sun-Shield glasses! The ‘80s ski pro-meets-science lab sunglasses have already been worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid.  

If you’re unsure of which styles to pick to look your futuristic best, we give you our hottest 5 picks to choose from:

Sleek and Sexy



If you’ve been following the Kardashian-Jenner clan then you’re probably familiar with these oversized shield sunglasses that have been splattered across their Instagram. If you feel like you could rock similar styles then go for this sleek, sophisticated and humongous frame (that towers over your nose) to channel that futuristic-fashionable babe in you. If you feel like you can relate to it, then this one’s your jam! Style ‘em with some edgy crop tops, flared pants that go up to the waist and bright popping colors to bring out the fashion-influencer in you!

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Flaming-red sunnies!



Whether you’re a fan of the bold red tint or not, you can’t deny the strong effect this color has on you. Perfect for the active and courageous, red lenses will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but they’re also known for their abilities to increase the depth of field in vision. Moreover, these uber-cool sunglasses will reduce eye strain and provide good visibility while on the road! Perfect for any party, the upcoming concert or just to prove your fashion prowess. Grab onto this shield sunglasses trend while you can!

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Reflector Dreams



Any and every innocent glance can become a withering glare, and you simply can’t catch someone’s attention if you can’t see where they’re looking! You could be sleeping and nobody would suspect a thing. That’s the beauty of reflectors! Wear these shiny babies to revive any boring outfit and transform your appearance in a matter of seconds. There’s a reason everybody’s been wearing these reflectors...they’re not only selling UV protection, they’re really selling dreams!

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Bring out your futuristic side with these shield sunglasses that will skyrocket your look to the moon. Pair it up with some sleek and edgy outfits to prove you’re nothing short of a Style God(dess)!