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Style Crush: Billie Eilish’s Eyes and her cool-girl style

Style Crush: Billie Eilish’s Eyes and her cool-girl style


Billie Eilish has got to be one of the most popular teenage sensations of our time. At 17 years old, the singer-songwriter from California has created waves with her music, fashion style, and her edgy attitude. Eilish first came to prominence following the release of her first single “Ocean Eyes” in 2016. The singer has since then seen immense success after the release of her first studio album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

Some tracks that stood out on the album were “Bad Guy”, “Bury a Friend” and “My Strange Addiction”. Besides her infectious electropop music, Eilish is rising in the ranks of iconic fashion stars with her unapologetic, tomboyish style.

But what has got us all fixated on Eilish, really? The musical prodigy has a rather vivid and bold sense of style. From head-to-toe neon green, to wearing oversized & overstyled pieces all at once, the singer seldom says no to eccentricity. There are no rules in Billie Eilish’s Fashion style book. Her creative vision knows no bounds, and it shows! While it may seem counterintuitive, her outfits are this good because they push boundaries. And rules are meant to be broken, right? Eilish makes breaking the rules look like a cakewalk, and she can definitely school us in it. She has added some insane sunglass styles to the mix- check out some of our favorite Billie Eilish sunglasses below:

‘90s Cartoons meets Cool Girl



If you’ve grown up in the ‘90s then this PPF print will definitely ring a bell. Eilish pairs her casual-chic white overalls with a devil-may-care attitude, statement sneakers, and two buns on the sides of her head. The singer styled the outfit with a pair of pointy white micro sunglasses, which was right on point with the current trend. A major style icon in the making, Billie Eilish sure knows how to get her accessories right!

It’s a Neon party baby!



Monograms seemed to be stamped all over 2019. The trend blew up when almost every rapper, hip-hop artist and Insta-celeb was sporting them in some way or the other. Eilish here is seen wearing an oversized neon t-shirt, with a monogrammed gilet and some fun furry bottoms that we would kill to own. She owns this style with a pair of neon sporty  shield sunglasses which are just the cherry on top of this glowing Neon-cake! Oozing some easy and laid-back style, Eilish makes a statement, yet again.

If it’s not Black-put it back



All hail Eilish, Goddess of everything Cool and Edgy. The singer has no qualms crushing all statuses quo. She does this with such confidence and style that we’re left speechless. Eilish’s style exhibits a mix of athleisure, punk, alternative and chic - all at the same time! Props to the young star for giving no hoots about any gender constructs! She completes her look with a pair of square black-brown tinted sunglasses, which fit like the missing puzzle piece. These  Billie Eilish sunglasses are definitely worth watching out for!

Comical Grunge



She  makes us want to become rockstars, Billie! We love how effortless and chic her style is, and how everything she puts together just seems to work. Channeling some punk-rock style here, she sports an illustrated co-ord set with a mouth mask marked X. She covers her eyes with a mini-version of clout goggles. A bit of a Kurt Cobain reference there, perhaps?

This pop sensation’s legacy has clearly just begun. Whether it’s her fashion style or musical abilities, she knows how to do it right. Pull off your own Billie Eilish style with some oversized t-shirts, animated clothes and punk-rock hairstyles. Pick out a few statement sunglasses and you’re golden, Baby!