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Burning Man Goggles, Fashion, and the Eccentricity of it all

Every year, the end of August sees thousands of people flock for the pilgrimage to Burning Man, the signature counterculture festival of our generation. A host of daring celebrities and forward thinking artists have been known to be a part of this mega-festival. Many people come for personal and spiritual awakening, some to party and indulge, and others to merely gawk at the spectacle. Burning Man has its roots set in San Francisco ‘86, where it initially started as a summer-solstice gathering. In recent years it has been refashioned as a major festival and draws more than 75,000 “Burners” to the Black Rock Desert every year.

 If you’re someone who’s never heard of this festival before, it could be a bit tough for you to completely understand the complexities of the event. It is anarchic, freeform and extremely artistic (and whatever else you make of it). What we totally love about this festival is the “Burning ManFashion, the “Burning Man Clothes” --bold and brilliant outfits... and of course the incredible sunglasses!

The Third Eye

If you’re into chakras, healing, and the works, you must know the importance of protecting it. Giant Vintage gives you the opportunity to do this in style. Wear these triple-framed glasses to elevate your sunglass game to another (shall we say “higher”) level.

Pick a color that will compliment your own aesthetic and style it to bring out your technicolor aura. If you’re costuming yourself for Burning Man Fashion, you’ll fit right in with all the drama, hype, and costumes!

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Tinted and Reflectors

Channel some Unicorn vibes with bright colored hair, accessories and tinted glasses to elevate your style to an all new high. Tinted glasses can make any outfit look festival ready, and give you that poppin’ desert-funk look that you want to go for. Pair your glasses in a contrasting color to your outfit to really bring some pizazz against the desert backdrop.

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Heart on my Eyes

You’ve heard of the phrase “wearing your  heart on your sleeve”, but have you heard of wearing your heart on your eyes? ‘Cause it is totally hot and trending right now on “The Playa”! If you’re going to go big, you might as well go bold with your choices too! Your bright, creative outfits deserve some glitz and glam for your eyes as well. Why not opt for some uber-cool shades from Giant Vintage...we’ve got hearts, butterflies and just about anything else you can think of to cover your eyes!

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Those Devil’s eyes!

Oooooo...It’s good to be bad, isn’t it? If you love to be bad then this one’s for you. Bring out the dark side of your personality with these devil-red shades that will definitely make you look like a hell-bound lion tamer ready for fun! Opt for shades of black and red to enhance your look and watch heads turn wherever you go!

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If you’re looking for inspiration for your next festival haul, then you know where to go. Giant Vintage provides you with the best selection of quirky, genuine vintage and contemporary frames to satiate any and every desire your adventurous heart might have!

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