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Our favorite Hip-Hop artists and their sunglasses!

Future wearing square sunglasses

Isn’t it strange that hip-hop was once fashion’s rejected child, obsessed with brands but largely left out of the party? Now, rappers run campaigns for the world’s biggest fashion houses, snap up most of the front row spots and take home all the points on award show red carpets..

Without hip-hop’s rise, there would be no high-end street style, no mash-up of couture and skate brands. Fashion would be a boring place without rap music. Fashion’s best-dressed list is brightly punctuated because of men who dare to break the streak of varying shades of grey and navy. So here are a few of our top picks of fashionable rappers who have also killed it with their sunglasses.


This Atlanta rapper describes his sense of style as “a mix of everything”. The eclectic star has the power to transform from a tracksuit jock to a Dior wearing gentleman, making it look like a breeze all the while. The rapper-songwriter always stands out, whether showing off his sense of style during shows or on the red carpet. Future is seen here wearing a pair of badass black rimless sunglasses which propel his sleek-sophisticated look to the next level. He exudes the essence of a man who loves fashion, power and his own individual sense of style!

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Kanye West

We almost discounted Kanye from our list for some of his seriously off-base accessory choices of late. But worry not, Kanye fans, because the man is back in action with some trending styles. When he isn’t wearing his singer-designer-rapper hats, he’s out and about showing off his urban-cool-meets-edgy sense of style. With some fashion choices that we’ve both loved and hated, the rapper remains both a breaker and an instigator of trends. Case in point-- his old-school black wayfarer sunglasses pictured here appear to be doing their job extremely well. Never missing an opportunity to bring his sunglass game, this guy always manages to hit the bulls-eye.

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Travis Scott

2019 saw this rapper-singer transition from a pleasant man with a decent-ish wardrobe into a full-out fashion killer. Perhaps it’s the confidence boost you get after becoming a father or releasing yet another number one album. This year saw the rapper bring his A-game to the table. From mixing up some high and low fashion, and a bunch of collaborations with high street designers - the rapper went full throttle with his sense of style. Fairly evident was his love for some sleek and fashion-forward sunglasses. Scott here is seen sporting a pair of rectangular rimless sunglasses that were just on fire with his all-black look. A solid 10 for us.

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With an unswerving dedication to the extraordinary, Pharrell has indubitably made a name for himself over the past decade. Whether it’s his chart-topping music or his laid-back sense of style, the rapper has cinched it all. A relatively quiet year by his standards, the artist still managed to steal the show at the Met with his Chanel look, while making sports sunglasses a hit! (Not many have managed to do that). With a genre-bending approach, the man can make practically anything work. Sporting a pair of yellow reflector shades with a devil-may-care smile and orange beanie, it’s easy to see the worry-free charm the rapper has.

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Kid Cudi

This rapper-songwriter has had to overcome a lot of personal struggles, which in turn helped his fans connect with him at a more personal level outside his career. The much-loved star has definitely made a mark in the industry, not only with his amazing talents but also his sense of fashion which has made headlines in the past. Whether it’s a hoodie and ankle-length trench at Virgil Abloh’s LV debut, or collaborating with Kanye... this low-flying star makes sure he’s dressed to impress. Also noticeable is his love for quirky sunglasses. Seen here is a red hot pair of round sunglasses, which we OF COURSE recommend.

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