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Take some Style inspiration from Elton John sunglasses!

Take some Style inspiration from Elton John sunglasses!

These once-humble eye-protectors and style capsules are definitely more than just accessories...they are, and have always been the icing on the cake (which is IMHO the best part of the cake!). Over many past decades, sunglasses have simply become an integral part of our fashion industry and have played a huge role in determining who’s fashionable and who’s not.

Looking back at the intersection of men’s fashion and music throughout history, a few names immediately come to mind, like Curt Kobain, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and many more. But in comparison, none of them can compete with Sir Elton John! The legendary musician is one of the many celebrities who reached his status with a mix of outstanding talent and a really badass, outlandish sunglasses style of his own. Elton, to date, is living proof of how everyone looks cooler in sunglasses. For some stars, fashion is just a means of expression. For others, it’s a way of life... and Elton John has always been in the latter category. Since his emergence on the rock scene in the 1960s, one thing about the beloved singer-songwriter has never changed: his unequivocal love of fashion. Even now, at 72 years old, this “I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun of Robert Ford)” singer can rarely be spotted without a pair of wildly ornate or odd geometric sunglasses atop his head. EJ's glasses are the stuff of legend, with the British singer donning everything from star-shaped specs to sunglasses dripping in diamonds. Amazing factoid - the singer claims to own a whopping 250,000 pairs of sunglasses!


Elton John in a baroque stage outfit consisting of a white suit with feather trim and rhinestone-encrusted glasses, Circa 1973.


Elton wearing Barbie-pink rims in 1992. His eccentric stage outfits and sunglasses were a big contrast to the otherwise famously minimalist '90s.

Elton’s onstage style keeps taking outlandish as well as surprisingly subtler turns. Yet, every single time, he still makes a statement with what he’s wearing-- even now. Seeking out the kookiest pairs to complement his bespoke suits and match his mood, he’s worn some of the most memorable glasses in history: From novelty shades with off-the-wall add-ons like fur and rhinestones, he’s managed to keep things super-interesting for his fans and lovers of fashion...with every shape, size, style, and color popping up, he’s simply fabulous!! This beloved British singer who gave us “Grow Some Funk of Your Own” has sported everything from star sunglasses to the awesome full-feathered sunglasses he wore to perform his greatest hits. Some of his favorite labels include Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, May Optical and Anglo American...and we believe in his choices for He is the king! A look back at his wildest, weirdest, and most chic pairs provides an overview of one of music’s greatest personalities and all the accessories inspiration you’ll need this season (and possibly the rest of your life). Scroll down to see some of the most iconic Elton John sunglasses in history and many of the amazing styles Taron Egerton wore in the 2019 biopic “Rocketman”.


Elton’s bespoke double-bridge sunglasses.

Elton’s iconic tortoiseshell frame acetate sunglasses with a golden rim


Elton in a vintage houndstooth jacket and oversized geometrical sunglasses


Elton's now-infamous ‘Rocket Man’ shades were covered in a diamond pattern of crystals across the lenses, paired here with a lovely gold jacket.