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Vintage Styling 101: How to wear Sunglasses like Paris Hilton

Vintage Styling 101:  How to wear Sunglasses like Paris Hilton



Paris Hilton - the original Reality Princess. If you grew up during the ‘90s, then you are well-acquainted with this “celebrity", and the world-altering hype that came with her. The Simple Life socialite took the name Hilton and gave it meaning far beyond just hotels. Her Majesty Lady Celebutant is credited with pioneering the "famous for being famous” phenomenon of the 2000’s and we for one have been on board ever since. The hospitality heiress has not just inherited wealth, she is also the proud owner of multiple businesses and is undeniably one of the biggest fashion influencers of the 2000s. Not to mention, the beloved niece of not one but two Real Housewives’ of Beverly Hills!! We take a page out of Hilton’s book and honor her flamboyant, diva style!

Barbie Vibes 

Get inspired by some serious 2000’s fever with these delicious bubble gum pink sunglasses! Hilton knew how to stay with the trends and styled her looks accordingly. Wearing these trendy shield sunglasses with her yacht-ready, she perfectly captures the “Rich B*tch” essence of 2004. Sign me up! 

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Glam Goddess

If there’s one thing Hilton knows to do right, it’s glam. Channeling her inner glam-goddess, Paris is seen going completely over-the-top with her outfit and accessories. From her diamond choker to her leather gloves to her bedazzled sunglasses, this is Paris at her best. There isn’t an ounce of this ensemble that does not spell G-L-A-M-O-U-R-O-U-S! Take inspiration for your next party outfit from the world’s greatest party-goer. 

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Rimless Magic

Are rimless glasses really a thing of the past? Not if you ask me! Wanna achieve that 2000s candy colored magic? This is one style to keep handy. Hilton is seen here sporting a pair of tinted sunglasses to match her tinted skin, and dare we say they might be a perfect match?! Master the art of looking like a Sun-Kissed Diva by none other than the Guru herself. 

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Oversize it!

We love oversized sunglasses just as much as Paris does, because no other style makes you look like a celebrity as much as oversized glasses do! This early client of Trump Model Management pairs these baby blue sunnies with a boho-chic outfit to bring up the glam quotient. Learn a thing or two from this celebrity and make sure to pack plenty of sunglasses for your next vacation…you never know who you’ll meet.

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If your bucket list includes looking like a Y2K Diva Extraordinaire, then we’ve definitely got the tools to pull it off. One of the most important parts of this era was the fly eyewear. If you’re looking for sunglasses to make you look like a media personality/businesswoman/socialite/model/singer/actress/fashion designer/DJ, Giant Vintage  is the answer to your prayers!