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Channel some 2000s Britney into your life with some of her most famous sunglasses!


It’s Britney B*tch! Referred to as the “Princess of Pop”, Spears is regarded as one of Pop's biggest icons of the ‘90s-'2000s. Spears went on to score not only six number-one albums on the Billboard charts…but she has become a bonafide legend with her Vegas residency. Britney’s contribution to pop culture went beyond music. Her costumes, style and fashion sense became “The Look” of the moment. The name Britney became synonymous with pop-dressing, and for all y’all who want to revive it…WE ARE HER FOR U!. Here are a few of her famous sunglasses that we totally love, and we couldn’t be happier that they are making a comeback! 


The Racer Chick

Wondering when the next races are? Ask Britney! Channel some serious tomboy glam into your life with these uber-cool sunglasses. Britney brings out the racer in her with this super cool attire and energy that could light up a room. Her oversized aviator sunglasses make her look even more the part. Complementing perfectly are her 2000’s oversized hoops which are totally bringing this look to life! So ladies, don’t hold back...opt for some funky yet suitable sunglasses to rock a nostalgic look!

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The Girl Next Door

Put on your cutest girly outfits, because this look calls for it. Inspired by the love of fringe cuts, the fitted T-shirt craze, and bootlegged pants, this is one trend that has been making a comeback since forever. Britney gives this look a sweet twist by wearing tiny oval tinted pink sunglasses for a small face, making it a proper ‘90s throwback.

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Mid-Week Blues

Clearly not impressed, Spears here makes a case for the Thursday blues preceding the Friday night festivities. With oversized, stylish sunglasses perfect for a heart-shaped face, her expression says it all: When is it going to be Friday?!

Put on your weekend best with these uber-chic big tinted sunglasses to bring in the weekend with aplomb.

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Friday Night out!

Getting her Friday jam on, the Baby One More Time singer is seen here prepping for the weekend in these famous sunglasses full swing! With her leather jacket on, accessories on point and hair tied in a bun, this pop star is ready to let loose. Get your own weekend style on with some big and bright sunglasses, as seen here on Spears.

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Bring some nostalgic fashion back into your life with these out-of-the-box-yet-completely-stylish eyewear options. Look for a style that complements your face type, but don’t be afraid to try bold styles!


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