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The Vintage Sunglasses Comeback: Making Sustainable Fashion Stylish

Red-haired girl wearing Y2k CALIFORNIA GIRL styled sunnies from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: CALIFORNIA GIRL

Keeping up with the latest styles can be challenging but we know how much you fashion fans love it. Whether you're looking for warm spring vibes or something glitzy for a New Year party, you want choice and great value.

Yet some collections are offering that choice with a hidden cost: our planet. Well, unlike some fashion industries, we're not prepared to sit back and do nothing about it. Here's how vintage eyewear is shaping up to take on the challenges of sustainable fashion.

The Problem With "Fast Fashion"

We love to shop, and there's nothing wrong with that. But poor fashion habits are damaging our world. Just take a look at these alarming statistics associated with the fast fashion industry:

  • The fashion industry contributes to around 10% of the world's carbon emissions.
  • One garbage truckload of clothes (or the equivalent) is incinerated or dumped into landfill sites every second.
  • 85% of all textiles produced end up as refuse, usually in a landfill.

Clothes and accessories ending up in landfill is problematic for a number of reasons. They take years to biodegrade, give off toxic gasses, and can pollute the local environment. Manufacturing clothes and accessories at an intense pace also creates an unnecessary drain on natural resources.

More and more fashion shoppers are becoming aware of these issues. They keep clothes for longer, repair items, and only order from companies with a great sustainability track record. Without major attitude shifts across various fashion industries, though, change is tough.

Vintage Sunglasses: Sustainable Fashion Heroes

But how can vintage eyewear companies help save the day? By going against the grain and refusing to have more glasses manufactured. Instead, they repurpose "Deadstock." These are glasses that were never sold, so they're in mint condition and ready to be revitalized for a new home.

Authentic Style

Collection of trendy Y2k inspired glasses from Giant Vintage
Sunglasses shown in photo: Giant Vintage

Giant Vintage sells authentic, one-of-a-kind glasses you simply can't get anywhere else except from us or our stockists. Shopping with us means bringing new life to glasses that would otherwise end up in a landfill site. We've sold thousands of pairs from our online store because they're genuine vintage products that don't cost the Earth.

The best thing about sustainable sunglasses? They're super stylish. Here at Giant Vintage, we repurpose so many categories of glasses, from the 1960s right through to the most recent decade. Now you can embrace vintage nostalgia and style while protecting the planet.

Find your style in one of our collections:

We receive new arrivals all the time throughout the year, so check back regularly and view our online catalog of products.

Sustainable Retro Sunglasses: Who's Wearing What?

You don't need to match anyone else's style but your own. Having said that, who doesn't love getting inspiration from what top celebrities are wearing? Sustainable retro sunglasses are all the rage right now. Take a look at these superstars flaunting their planet-friendly pairs and find your perfect inspo.

Reneé Rapp

Reneé turned up to a Vanity Fair interview in a pair of show-stealing Giant Vintage shades. She wears FILLMORE Gold/Tan Square '70s Tinted Glasses.

Paris Hilton

Paris has been spotted numerous times with a pair of Giant Vintage sunglasses. She topped off a cool Britney-inspired outfit with a pair of BOOM Shield sunglasses.

Hailey Bieber

According to Grazia, Hailey Bieber is setting the world "abuzz" by wearing her Giant Vintage sunglasses all over Instagram. She's recently been wearing HOFF vintage '90s semi-rimless sunglasses.

Helping You Sustainably Shop for What's Hot

Celebs sporting their stylish sunglasses from Giant Vintage
Celebs wearing styles shown above: Giant Vintage


More consumers than ever want sustainable fashion collections. Yet research shows that combining sustainability and style is made difficult by a lack of choice and accessibility. Across the fashion industry, from earrings to jeans, environmentally friendly options are few and far between.

Giant Vintage is addressing that problem, one pair of unique retro sunglasses at a time. Our products are high-quality and affordable, finally bringing sustainable fashion to everyone.

View the whole Giant Vintage collection here and pick out your first purchase. Shipping is free on orders over $60 in the United States and included for orders over $150 sent to other countries. Get sustainable sunglasses into your life. With the right attitudes and actions, together, we can perhaps repair some of the damage done by the fast fashion industry.