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First Day of Summer 2024 - Celebrate the Summer in Style with Giant Vintage’s timeless sunglasses. Pool party ready.

Red-haired girl posing in the sun wearing her retro oversized sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style shown in photo: JUICY

Are you ready for summer? As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, there's one question on everyone's lips: Where to buy sunglasses that are truly Insta worthy?

Giant Vintage's range of retro sunglasses is on hand to help you choose the best eyewear accessories. We've got "true vintage," unique glasses you won't find anywhere else.

Discover what's in this summer and find your style with our online guide to the best glasses of the season.

Sunglasses Trends for Summer

Staying in fashion means combining your own personal sense of style with what's hot. We've got women's and men's sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, and more in our online store. Here are just some of the highlights of our exciting summer collection.

Embrace the '80s

Ever since Stranger Things hit screens a few years ago everyone has become a bit '80s obsessed. And we love it. There are so many great '80s sunglasses styles to discover from oversized frames to sporty glasses that were just made to go with a shell suit.

These HUNT slim '80s sunglasses are available in black but for true nostalgia, it's got to be the tortoiseshell option. These deadstock originals are brought back to life thanks to our dedicated buyers and stylists.

Alternatively, you might like the SMIRK classic sunglasses. The subtle stripes in the jelly frame combined with the classic styling make these perfect for lazy days by the pool.

Subtle and Slim

While we love a pair of oversized sunglasses, we've noticed that slender and rimless glasses are making a comeback. Good news for those who like styles that are a bit more subtle. Oval-shaped frames help reduce the height of some, while others go "semi-rimless" for a lighter look. There's a lot of choice in this style, both for women and men.

True vintage IDENTICAL rimless sunglasses come in a range of cool-colored lenses which are hung from the frame making them entirely rimless. Many people prefer rimless glasses for better visibility and a reduced overall weight.

Alternatively, you could shop for ones like these HARDCORE Small Clear Rectangular 90s Glasses. Their short height and rectangular frames make these a statement piece without being ostentatious.

Back to the '90s

The '90s is the decade that just won't quit. There have been more '90s fashion revivals this century than there have been girl band reunions. Don't worry, you don't have to be a major Spice Girls fan to get your '90s cool on. Our collection boasts smart girl-boss-style glasses, cool chunky frames, and bold oversized looks, to name just a few.

We love these PLASTIC Oversized Y2K Sunglasses that will certainly make you stand out in any crowd. The extra-large frames are bold but also increase visibility. Our favorite color combo is definitely the brown and gold which will match any '90s outfit, especially if you embrace a bit of bling.

Or you could head into the realms of subculture with these TWIN PEAKS Steampunk 90s Sunglasses. The suspended oval lenses are dark and stylish, but the light frame makes them comfortable enough for a full day by the pool.

Girl sporting a sleek hairstyle posing in her DELEON style sunnies from Giant Vintage
Style worn in photo: DELEON

Aviators Are Back

Did they ever go away? Not really, but you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be seeing a lot more of them this summer. Aviators come in a surprising number of styles, including women's and men's sunglasses, and you can find polarized sunglasses or standard. Here are just a few of our favorites.

The ZING Aviator Sunglasses offer a slightly slimmer silhouette than standard aviators. These combine a subtle tortoiseshell rim with full UB protection to help you get the most out of summer.

For a more nostalgic look, check out these LIGHTENING Square Aviator Sunglasses, recently showcased by Reneé Rapp. Optical quality frames mean you can get these glasses fitted with prescription lenses. The LIGHTENING Aviators are part of Giant Vintage's exclusive Luxe Vintage range.

Sporty Shades

If you prefer to be in the pool rather than lounging around it, a pair of sporty sunglasses perfectly complements your active lifestyle. Shop for wrap-around shades, colorful glasses, or something that looks superbly streamlined.

The CONTROLLA Sporty Sunglasses have a truly unique look. They're vintage-inspired, which means our in-house designers have based the style on beloved vintage designs. But they've tweaked them to bring you something completely new.

If you want something that harks back to the era of spandex and leg warmers, check out the RADICAL Sporty Shield 80s Sunglasses. These colorful sunglasses are a truly standout accessory and sure to turn heads.

Why Buy Retro Sunglasses?

Blonde-haired girl posing in a 90's inspired sunglasses in the style ZING from Giant Vintage
Style worn in photo: ZING 

Our glasses are deadstock which means they are vintage, have never been worn before and have been rediscovered and given a new purpose and life. Since we're able to access these incredible vintage treasures, we can repurpose them to give you the best choice of styles for women, men, and kids. USA Today says Giant Vintage is a "...fantastic resource to collect vintage and vintage-inspired styles at a bargain." Here are just a few more reasons to buy your summer sunglasses from us.

Get That One-of-a-Kind Feeling

Choosing from a range of styles on any online store can be tricky, but with Giant Vintage, you know you're getting something practically unique. Discover our limited edition glasses and shop for eyewear that's sure to make a statement. Retro sunglasses are the perfect way to complete any look and showcase your incredible sense of style.

Just take a look at some of the amazing reviews we've had from delighted customers. Plus, when you wear Giant Vintage, you're joining the likes of Hailey Bieber and Paris Hilton in your fashion choices. Use our range of unique sunglasses to elevate your style to celebrity levels.

Indulge in Sustainable Shopping

When you choose Giant Vintage, you're making a choice that benefits Planet Earth. Take a look at most fast fashion and it's causing pollution and draining resources. Overproduction and disposal of flimsy garments are major issues. However, our glasses are all given a new life, reimagined, or taken from deadstock. So, when you buy a pair of true vintage glasses, you don't contribute to manufacturing emissions at all. Plus, you're preventing beautiful accessories from ending up at a landfill site. Who knew you could have the latest styles without it costing the Earth?

Buy Online with Ease

Take a look at the glasses range on our online store, choose what's hot at the moment, and add it to your basket. A couple of quick clicks and your shades are on their way to you. It's that easy! You get free standard shipping with orders over $60 within the United States and over $150 elsewhere. Don't forget we sell women's and men's sunglasses, and even options for kids.

You can browse individual collections, checking out themed or seasonal styles. However, you can also browse by frame shape, decade, and many other categories. We've even got specialist lenses like driving glasses, reading glasses, and blue light blockers. Whatever eyewear you need, we've got you covered.

Are You Ready for Summer?

Trendy woman with short brown hair rocking sunglasses in the style KICKOFF from Giant Vintage
Style worn in photo: KICKOFF 

Getting your summer look pool party ready is so much simpler with our seasonal collections of summer styles. New styles come in every month, so make sure you bookmark our site and check back regularly. Alternatively, browse to the bottom of any page on our site and enter your email address to subscribe to the latest updates.

Make sure you check the fit and style when buying, and if you have any questions at all, drop us a message. Protect your eyes in style this summer. Browse our store for your ideal party sunglasses and we'll see you poolside.