Cool Vintage Sunglasses for Men

Male posing in a beanie posing in a sleek 90's inspired sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Giant Vintage might be a female-founded company, but that doesn't mean we only cater to ladies.

Men are just as important and valued to us as women, and we believe that anyone and everyone should feel free to embellish their outfits, express themselves, and have fun with fabulous, fashionable accessories, like vintage sunglasses. Just like Martin here:

Male customer named Martin rocking his stylish sunglasses from Giant Vintage


That's why we work hard to uncover jaw-dropping frames that fit perfectly on male faces, bringing out the best in all the vintage-loving dudes out there. In fact, many of our fab frames are unisex, working equally well for guys and gals alike.

So, to all you guys, here's a guide just for you, focusing on some of the finest vintage sunglasses for men in our collection, with four key categories curated by the GV team and our super CEO, Annabelle.

Authentic Vintage Sunglasses for Men

In a world of copy-and-paste fast fashion, it's so hard to stand out. But the beauty of GV is that we sell genuine vintage sunglasses you simply can't find anywhere else. These truly unique items allow you to elevate your style to whole new heights and break free from the boring boxes that so many men find themselves in when trying to find and define their own unique style.

Style shown above worn by Justin Bieber: SPITE

Our vintage men's sunglasses collection is replete with amazing styles to suit men of all ages, and from all walks of life. Like the SPITE sunglasses, pictured above and sported by such big names as Justin Bieber, or the CONJUNCTION pair, with their rounded lenses and sturdy metal frames.

90s-Style Men's Sunglasses Collection

Ah, the 90s. A simpler and happier time in many ways. It was also a time of incredible fashion trends, particularly for men, who were finally shedding the traditional rules of the past and expressing themselves in whole new ways.

As such, many of the most impressive men's vintage sunglasses in the GV collection hail from that magical decade, and the best aspect of this collection is its diversity.

Brown-haired man sporting his 90's inspired RIPPLE sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Style worn in photo: RIPPLE

From square frames to oval, gunmetal gray to steampunk brown, oversized aviators to slim, semi-rimless designs, there's something for every man. Check out the 90s range and find your fave at a price that fits your budget!

Timeless Aviator Sunglasses for Men

If you head to Google and look up the coolest men's sunglasses, there's no doubt that aviator glasses will make up a massive part of the results.

Trusted by the U.S. military and made famous by such iconic stars as Tom Cruise and Elvis Presley, these glasses have a timeless sense of style. They'll never go out of fashion, with their oversized frames and distinctive shape helping any man look and feel his best.

Trendy man wearing a 70's inspired aviator-style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

You'll find a plethora of cool men's aviators on GV, like the FILLMORE style, pictured above, which has already received rave reviews from some of our satisfied male customers.

Image of a trusted review from a thrilled customer on Giant Vintage Website

Flip-Up Men's Sunglasses

As a brand that specializes in sunglasses, we love them, but we know that they're not always practical. There are times when the tint can bother you or obscure your vision, like when you're driving, reading, or doing some other activity that requires clear visibility and attention to detail.

Man wearing a trendy hat with his Flip-up style glasses from Giant Vintage


Enter, flip-up sunglasses. As the name suggests, these vintage sunglasses feature flippable tinted lenses on top of a pair of clear lenses. You can flip the outer lenses up and down accordingly, whenever you like.

As well as being fun and funky, these vintage sunglasses are also super useful. Let's say you're spending an afternoon at the beach with a good book, for example. Flip the lenses down as you walk along the sand to shield your eyes, then pop them up to focus on the words on the page.

It's like having all the benefits of sunglasses and regular glasses in a single pair.

Get the Best Pair of Men's Sunglasses with Giant Vintage

Whether you're an aviator addict, mad about 90s fashion, or seeking a special pair of sunglasses that truly reflect your taste and personality, GV's the place to be.

We've got dozens of different pairs of stylish, cool men's sunglasses, and we're confident you can find exactly what you want among our many categories and collections.

So, start browsing and discover your next pair of shades today!