Baby Love Collection: Tap Into Iconic 2014 Lana Del Rey Style With These Hot New Americana Sunglass Styles!

Musician Lana Del Ray smiling while wearing heart shaped sunglasses from Giant Vintage posing for picture

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Don't you just love those Lana Del Rey vibes? Oversized sunglasses, striking frames, and even a few quirky looks helped complete this icon's style. Now you can tap into that style with the Giant Vintage Baby Love collection of sunglasses.

These sunglasses are a slice of true Americana. I've used my fashion experience to pick out four stunning styles that echo Lana's look while still allowing you to stamp your own personal style on your outfits.

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Lana Del Rey: A True Style Icon

Lana tells a story with every song and with every outfit. From stunning Ferrari jackets to round, oval, or heart-shaped glasses, she turns heads wherever she goes.

Who Is Lana Del Rey?

If you've somehow managed to miss "Lanatics" raving about their favorite star, Lana is a singer-songwriter with a penchant for tragic, epic anthems. The "Video Games" singer rose to fame in 2011 and has been pumping out hits ever since.

Key Aspects of Lana's Styles

Lana's music incorporates aspects of 1950s to 1970s Americana, and that shines through in her outfits. Cool accessories and funky eyewear ensure her outfits are always the perfect combo of eye-catching elegance.

My Baby Love Collection

My name is Annabelle and I curate specialist collections of stunning sunglasses, both vintage and vintage-inspired, for discerning fashion fans like you. As the CEO and founder of Giant Vintage, I'm lucky enough to come across deadstock originals and true vintage sunglasses you simply can't get anywhere else.

Making these one-of-a-kind retro sunglasses available to you is my passion.

The Baby Love Collection brings together reworked vintage sunglasses and vintage-inspired frames. Take a look at these Lana-inspired women's sunglasses and let us know on your socials which you love the most.

Boho Chic

This vintage-inspired design combines Lana's penchant for chunky frames with cute details including the suave, elevated central area. They're perfect for catching someone's eye at a party but also great for a variety of outfits including everyday wear.

Lifestyle image of SYCAMORE tortoise style sunglasses from Giant Vintage hanging on a pair of Cowboy boots

Shop SYCAMORE Boho Chic Aviator Sunglasses here.

Oversized Frames

One thing Lana is definitely famous for is oversized, in-your-face sunglasses. These larger frames draw attention to your eyes while still allowing you to maintain an air of mystery. Top tip: When buying oversized glasses, check your fit via the online size guide.

Beautiful long haired girl posing in her SUMMER SPRINGS style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Shop SUMMER SPRINGS Boho Chic Oversized Colorful Sunglasses here.

FILLMORE Limited Edition As Worn By Reneé Rapp and Carrie Underwood

This selection actually encompasses two similar options in different, striking colors. Reneé Rapp wore the tan and gold version of these reworked vintage sunglasses for her Vanity Fair interview. Carrie Underwood has been spotted in the antique steel version with rose lenses, for a true Lana-inspired style.

Trendy girl with long hair smiling and posing for a picture wearing her FILLMORE style sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Shop FILLMORE Limited Edition Giant Vintage Original Luxe sunglasses here and here.

Other Glasses to Help Capture the Lana Del Rey Look

Our Baby Love Collection is your first stop when shopping for Lana-style glasses. But if you don't see quite what you want here, worry not. My team and I regularly add new styles and stock so check back often. Don't forget to shop across our entire range to find something just right for you. P.S. We also stock sunglasses for men as well as women and kids!

Heart Eyes

How many times has Lana been photographed wearing heart-eye glasses? We're not sure, but it's enough that she's permanently associated with them. She's worn both thin, wire-frame hearts and big, chunky plastic ones.

I've picked out the latter for you to try, as they've got such a cool '60s vibe that really resonates with Lana's overall style. Plus, with bold, red frames, you can finish off any outfit with a splash of color. These DEEPLY Clear Heart Glasses are "Vintage Inspired," combining function with nostalgic style.

Lifestyle image of heart shaped sunglasses from Giant Vintage in the style DEEPLY

Shop DEEPLY glasses here.

Cat Eye Vintage Sunglasses

Is there anything more iconically vintage than a pair of cat-eye sunglasses? These types of shades are another '60's spectacular that Lana has showcased on more than one occasion. As vintage glasses go, cat eyes are one style with a ton of history. It's a fact that they've been part of a star's accessories collection since the 1930s, and are still wildly popular today.

For the Lana look, I've chosen these cute, kitsch, and head-turning LOVE IS... Black/Hazard cat eye sunglasses. The softly tinted lenses offer full UV protection, while the cut-out frames are sure to attract the right type of attention. A simple way to bring nostalgia to life.

Product image of style LOVE IS sunglasses from Giant Vintage

Shop LOVE IS... sunglasses here.

The Essence of Lana's Style Right Here at Giant Vintage

For new and true vintage sunglasses, shop with Giant Vintage. With countless women's and men's sunglasses in stock, we can help you find a statement piece or unique vintage eyewear to wow your friends. My team of experts and I have sold glasses worn by Hailey Bieber, Paris Hilton, and so many more A-list customers around the world. In addition, we pride ourselves on quality and functionality, for sunglasses that last for longer.

Choose quality, stylish sunglasses from our easy-to-navigate collections and online store. New arrivals are dropping every month, from original stock throughout the decades to new and reworked designs. Check back every week to view our updated catalog. And remember, shipping in the United States is free on orders over $60 (free for orders over $150 delivered to other countries).

Enjoy browsing my carefully curated collections. From your favorite brand to true vintage frames and carefully manufactured hot styles, we've got a pair of sunglasses for sale that you can't wait to get your hands on.

Read more about the reason Annabelle founded Giant Vintage and her style expertise here.

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