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Christina Aguilera’s Glamorous Glasses Just Keep Gettin’ Better

Christina Aguilera’s Glamorous Glasses Just Keep Gettin’ Better


Some days I'm a super-bitch, Up to my old tricks, But it won't last forever, Next day I'm your supergirl, Out to save the world...And it keeps gettin' better. Christina Aguilera sure knows a thing or two about a cool turn of phrase and cool sunglasses. Sometimes she opts for the classics and other times she gets her goof on with studded and uniquely shaped frames. It seems like Xtina is the queen of sorting her blinders from the blindingly ugly and we here at GiVi couldn’t worship her more!

Glasses have always been the greatest fashion accessory for celebs. Some Hollywood royalty like Tina Fey and Diane Keaton have even turned their actual “I need these to see” glasses into a trademark style. Moreover, it’s been lens wearers Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore only wear contacts ‘cuz they are suckers for a good pair of sunglasses... and there are even a few famous people who it is speculated have worn sunglasses just to look older or more sophisticated...we can’t name names, but they know who they are!

Throughout the years, much like you have upgraded from MySpace to Facebook, and from Google+ to Instagram... designers have succeeded in taking the shapes of classic sunglasses frames to a whole new level. Sunglasses now have the means to reflect your unique personality (or personalities, if that’s the way you roll) through a massive array of shapes, colors and sizes. Check out a few of the coolest sunglasses that Dirrty singer Christina Aguilera has worn to accentuate her eccentric personality.

Retro glasses have become a favored style accessory of late. Whether it's a dramatic cat-eye, a geometric shape, or a pair featuring colored lenses, they remain a staple in every fashion-forward celebrity's wardrobe and a trend that has been adopted by style mavens such as Bella Hadid, Rihanna, and  Miley Cyrus. Designers have given these retro shades plenty of modern updates, such as matte or gradient acetates, titanium detailing, and fresh color palettes. Our celeb in talk, Christina sure loves herself a pair or two of retro sunglasses and if Christina likes it...well, you know the rest!


Christina Aguilera donned a pair of sunglasses from the legendary Carrera Vintage Collection in her 2010 music video, “Not Myself Tonight”.

The model called "Endurance" is a hot take on a classic black aviator, inspired by the unforgettable fashion of the 1980's. These fashion-forward Carrera sunglasses were the biggest thing going in 2010 and they helped evolve Christina’s innovative style and cement her role as a hardcore fashion icon.

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Christina in heart-shaped sunnies at the premiere of 'The Emoji Movie' on July 23, 2017 in Westwood, Calif.

The 38-year-old songstress voiced the role of Akiko Glitter in “The Emoji Movie”. At the premiere of the movie, the mom of two wore a black-and-white striped Saint Laurent top, black Alaia leggings, and a High Heels Suicide jacket... finishing off her look with a summery pair of goofy sunnies that featured an asymmetrical heart shape.

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Summer Rain at the age of 3, wearing a sweet pair of Stella McCartney swan-shaped Sunglasses

Christina Aguilera’s daughter Summer Rain favors the Stella McCartney brand (WTF...she’s way more baller than me)  and she is adorable on her mom’s Instagram account, flashing a smile at the camera in these sunglasses, which retail for $160...but if you need to be this cute on your Insta we can cover your peepers with wild glasses for less than $20!

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Christina Aguilera wearing Audrey Hepburn sunglasses at London Fashion Week 2019

Recently, the Genie In A Bottle singer made a grand entrance at London Fashion Week.

After her seriously applauded performance at the Royal Opera House, Christina continued to slay the front row at London Fashion Week day after day. The 38-year-old gave major James Bond vibes wearing this slinky black ensemble, and her oversized Audrey Hepburn-style sunglasses made this already pulled together outfit look perfectly finished. Xtina looked no less stunning than a sassy undercover agent after finishing off the look with a bold red lip. 

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Christina Aguilera wearing rimless frames with translucent lenses that have become popular as the two styles create the ultimate monochrome look.


Shield frames, which are essentially sports sunglasses, have gotten bigger, better, and even more futuristic for fall 2019. Seems like these frames have caught the attention of Christina as well.


Christina Aguilera in a pair of Morpheus sunglasses 

As you can see, a great pair of sunglasses can literally change your dynamic from ordinary to extraordinary. Get yourself some chic today, shop the best sunglasses of the season below.

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