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Annabelle’s Birthday Surprise Collection

Trendy girl in a sleek bun blowing out candles on a cake wearing her 90's inspired sunglasses in the style DELUSIONAL from Giant Vintage

Style shown in photo: DELUSIONAL

It's Giant Vintage's CEO's 23rd birthday! Annabelle Gonzalez founded Giant Vintage after already enjoying so much fashion success across red carpets and music videos. She's brought that innate sense of style and passion for fashion to the vintage sunglasses arena, and we're so glad she did.

As a surprise for customers, her 23rd birthday gift to you is a specially curated collection of some of her favorite vintage and vintage-inspired styles. Before we get into the collections, let's learn a little more about why Annabelle is such a style icon.

Annabelle: A True Style Entrepreneur

Annabelle has been so successful styling others throughout her career. She embraces authenticity and inclusivity, and wants to make those qualities attainable for more people via one-of-a-kind vintage sunglasses.

Before starting Giant Vintage, Annabelle was lucky enough to have many stylish, fashionable folks in her life. First at home, then when she went to CHAMPS in Van Nuys, California. She noticed that the coolest people were doing their own thing. That encouraged her to explore her passions for vintage clothing and music for inspiration to create her own collections.

At 23, she's already a successful, celebrated young entrepreneur, mom, and Latina influencer.

Annabelle, founder of Giant Vintage posing with her SEXY Wraparound Shield Sunglasses from her brand
Style shown in photo: SEXY

Annabelle Talks Bayonetta Glasses with PureWow

If you want to know about Annabelle's fashion expertise, check out this article where she's the resident expert on the Bayonetta style. She talks about why Bayonetta eyewear is back in such a big way, because customers want to feel sleek, sexy and confident. Both men and women benefit from glasses that help them do just that.

What's in the Birthday Glasses Collection?

With that in mind, head over to Annabelle's Birthday Surprise Collection to check out some unique styles guaranteed to boost your confidence. This small and carefully curated collection is packed with some of Annabelle's favorites. She's brought all her style expertise to this range. The results? Retro sunglasses that are flying out faster than you can say Y2K.

Discover more about how Annabelle founded Giant Vintage at Her Campus.

Retro Y2K Looks

The Y2K craze is back and doing numbers. Anything from the early "aughts" is back in fashion, including these retro sunglasses.

Pick up a pair of DELUSIONAL Round Y2K Sunglasses, with slightly oval lenses and the option of colorful lenses. Head over to our online store using the link above and you can see Annabelle modeling these as she blows out her birthday candles. DELUSIONAL sunglasses come in a range of colors and offer full UV protection.

Rimless Sunglasses

Two girls wearing Y2k inspired glasses from Giant Vintage while one of them eats a strawberry posing for the camera
Similar styles shown in photo: FRESHLY PICKED

Less is sometimes more. That's why the subtler look of rimless glasses has never gone out of style. The IDGAF Rimless Rhinestone Sunglasses give you the attitude in the name. Flaunt your rebelliousness with studded gems across the temple and upper lens. These are unisex, one-of-a-kind vintage sunglasses. Check out the color of the lenses in the pink version. They're super cute.

Oversized Sunglasses

If minimalism isn't really your thing, oversized glasses probably are. Annabelle's been highlighting the current trend for these big, bold frames recently, and there are a few prime examples in her Birthday Collection.

Take a look at the CEO Oversized Y2K Sunglasses. These manage to combine two trends in one, bringing together early-century vibes with a chunky frame. Available in black, super dark, and tortoiseshell, these glasses are a real showstopper.

Another great oversized look is the wraparound sunglasses. These SEXY Wraparound Shield Sunglasses echo the stylings of browline sunglasses but with a funky, curved silhouette. Look casual in amber lenses or go mysterious with the smoky option.

Discover More Vintage Sunglasses with Giant Vintage

Fashionable girl with long brown hair sporting oversized sunglasses in the style CEO from the brand Giant Vintage
Style shown in photo: CEO

We've sold so many glasses to celebrities and A-listers all over the world thanks to Annabelle's style advice. Her knack for discovering deadstock originals and revitalizing old styles to bring them new life means our range is becoming more popular all the time.

Check out who's been spotted in Giant Vintage sunglasses here.

Shop our collections today and discover styles previously hidden away until we unearthed them. We've got men's and women's sunglasses, and even a range for kids. Check that you're happy with the price and fit and get your retro sunglasses in your shopping cart before they disappear. Many of our pairs are one-of-a-kind or limited editions, so don't hang about before you order.

Celebrate Annabelle's birthday with us in style and don't forget to share your new look with us on Instagram