Cat Eye Sunglasses, Arguably the MOST Classic Frames of All Time!

Cat Eye Sunglasses to Rival Your Grandma's

Cat-Eyes first came into vogue on the faces of fashion icons in the 1950’s. Whether you covet the vintage cat eye sunglasses of yesteryear or the fuller shades shown by Prada and Marc Jacobs in recent seasons, Giant Vintage carries vintage cateye sunglasses in a range of colors and shapes to fit your face and your style.

Vintage eyewear runs the gamut from preppy to oversized Jackie O-style round frames to cheeky heart styles that would give Lolita a run for her money. Our cat-eye glasses are the cream of the cute crop! Giant Vintage’s wild cat eye frames complete every look in your closet, whether your style today is retro pin curls and a polka dot romper or acid-washed jeans and your favorite team jersey. Tapered, tortoiseshell, ombre or angular—whichever style (or styles) you choose, cat eye frames from Giant Vintage always showcase the best in conversation-starting and show-stopping sunnies technology :)
~All prices are in US Dollars~  

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