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Reviving Retro: Oval Sunglasses for Men and Women | Giant Vintage Sunglasses

Trendy woman wearing colorful oval sunglasses by Giant Vintage

Step back into classic style with oval sunglasses from Giant Vintage Sunglasses. Our extensive collection of men's and women's vintage eyewear includes a wide array of old school sunglasses, catering to diverse face shapes and styles. Explore the myriad choices in oval glasses, each a perfect fit for creating your desired look.


Oval Sunglasses present themselves in a plethora of choices to complete any look you can dream up! Our seemingly-endless stock of womens and mens vintage eyewear contains something to fit every face shape and style, including hundreds of pairs of oval glasses for the Selena Gomez and/or Kurt Cobain-lover in you. A little bit mod 60's .... a little bit grunge 90's.... oval shades have the ability to complement many different faces by working in harmony-- not discord-- with your natural bone structure. From Micro colored lenses that can brighten even the darkest of days, to opulent detail-rich metal steampunk frames, Giant Vintage's collection of vintage oval sunglasses makes Paul Shaffer's famous "Sunglass Library" look like a phone booth (remember those?)

When to Oval and When to Square?

Old School Sunglasses in round shapes open the door to a wondrous amount of fashion options: large oval shades in bold colors conjure up memories of Nirvana songs swirling through the JBL 6 x 9's in your Jeep Cherokee, while thin wire-framed rectangular spectacles bring to light the 60's mod influence that --let's face it-- is eternally somewhere within us all. Lest we forget that Ru Paul, queen of the Drag Race, famously sports some real genuinely big square-ish sunnies that are often fitted with clear lenses, but also on many occasions, colored / tinted lenses as well! Famous luxury fashion models, infamous musicians, or just the aroma of your Fine Southern Home in the summer months...whoever or wherever inspires you, oval frames from Giant Vintage are the winning ticket to becoming a style legend!

Oval Sunnies at Every Curve of the Road to Happiness

Our worldwide Free Shipping (with a respectful minimal purchase) will have you eagerly awaiting the post...thankfully many international orders arrive within 2 weeks, so you can potentially all-too-soon be rockin' some jaw-dropping stylish new sunglasses and get the party started already! We have affordable frames that are perfect for stylish ensembles ranging from Groupie to Preppy...and with Sale Items starting at around ten bucks, they're practically perfectly-priced for aspiring fashion royals who dream of caviar but live on Filet-O-Fish budgets!

Whether you see the world through rose (or yellow or purple) - colored glasses or prefer super dark lenses to let you do the talking for them, make sure your shades are front, center, and OVAL...and make sure you got 'em from Giant Vintage Sunglasses DOT COM. BooYa!!!