square frame

An Iconic Look beyond all others!

Square frame sunglasses provide an iconic, retro design that is still trendy after all these years. Influenced by the styles of the 50's and 60's, these vintage and vintage-inspired sunglasses are as fashionable as ever. Our collection of these ones is available in a number of classic designs for both men and women.

This style is often referred to by a more legendary name: "Wayfarer" is a registered trademark of the Italian Luxottica Group, who in 1999 purchased Bausch & Lomb, the original manufacturers of Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

Everyone from James Dean to Tom Cruise ~and let's not forget the infamous Corey Feldman~ have sported this style of sunglasses at one point or another. What are you waiting for? Join the club and purchase a pair of your own vintage sunglasses today!

~All prices are in US Dollars~  

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