Oval Sunglasses -- They're TWICE As Round!!

Oval Sunglasses... Back To The Egg!

Oval Sunglasses from Giant Vintage present themselves in a plethora of choices to complete any look you can dream up! Our seemingly-endless stock of Mens and Womens vintage oval eyewear contains something to fit every face shape and style, including 100s of pairs of oval sunglasses for the Selena Gomez and/or Kurt Cobain-lover in you. A little bit mod 60's .... a little bit grunge 90's.... oval glasses have the ability to complement many different faces by working in harmony-- not discord-- with your natural bone structure. From Micro colored oval lenses that can brighten even the darkest of days, to opulent detail-rich metal steampunk sunglasses, Giant Vintage's collection of vintage oval sunglasses makes Paul Shaffer's famous "Sunglass Library" look like a phone booth (remember those?)

~All prices are in US Dollars~